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First Entries FTW February 24, 2009

Posted by findingherforte in poetry.
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My first entry. Woo!
Anyways, I thought I’d start this thing off with some of my favorite pieces (written by me) to introduce my style and give you guys a feel of what to expect in the future. Except, hopefully, it’s happier stuff. I’ll start with one and go from there. More later!

Here we go :D


Said Pauper to Prince
“I wish you could see
how lucky a man
I am to be free.
Free of the riches
and material things
You’d be surprised
what joy my life brings.”

The Prince howled with laugter
at this man’s crazy claim.
“But you haven’t a thing
‘cept a shirt and a name!
I have much more
than my heart’s deep desires
What more do I need?
What can’t I acquire?”

“Love” said the Pauper
with a large, silly grin.
This was a game
he’d definitely win.
“Have you another
who holds you at night?
Who’s there when you need it?
To make it all right?”

The Prince then frowned
at the poor man’s question.
There is one desire
he’d forgotten to mention.
“I had all that once
but I threw it away
for nothing much better,
I’m sorry to say.

“She loved how I smiled
on those rare sunny days.
And blushed when she felt
my warm, loving gaze.
I spoke to her softly
afraid she would break.
Had visions of losing her
Though I was awake.”

The Pauper then cried
at the Prince’s confession.
How could he make this
poor man’s pain lessen?

“I thought I was happy
with riches and things
I was blind to the joy
that true love brings.”
The Prince was shocked
and fell to the floor
he’d never admitted
his heartbreak before.
The Pauper had love
then nothing more
It was then that he knew
who truly was poor.






1. Papa - March 14, 2009

I loved this one when you wrote it before. Always nice to see it make its way back into the limelight

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