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Prescription February 26, 2009

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Hook up the x ray
You’ll find nothing there
Tell me you’re worried
I don’t know if I’d care

Diagnose me with apathy
Two pills a day
Fill me with hope
That won’t go away

Strap me down tight
And see what is wrong
Test my stability
And see if I’m strong

Fill up my holes
With logic and glue
I’m sure you can find them
There’s more than a few

Cut me up pretty
And take out the hate
I don’t feel like fighting
Screw your debate

Run your experiments
To see how I tick
I’m numb to you now
But you still make me sick

[[this one is also an oldie. Remember to check out my other ones too]]



1. Michael - February 26, 2009

gosh, you really hate doctors. lol

2. mitchelllamamama - February 28, 2009

I really like this one. The phrasing in the second verse is wonderful.

3. Papa - March 14, 2009

Is this about your hate of Doctors? It seems a bit bitter. I like it but it seems bitter.

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