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Confession May 6, 2009

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They start to
smell better
after they’ve
I’ll think what
I want
and never
feel guilty

Click, clack
of buttons
will drive me
The numbers
and functions
are invading
my brain

I’ve just told
a lie
to those big
gorgeous eyes
But I know
they’ll forgive me
just like the
last time

Stop your
I don’t care
to hear
Any of your
for the rest
of the year

It’s hard to
Your agressive
But I know that
you’re worth it
And that’s why
I stay

I pray for you
more than
I pray for
But somtimes
I think
it’s me that
needs help

Death doesn’t
scare me
I’ve got nothing
to lose
But I can’t stand
the thought
of heaven
without you

[[the fifth verse….no one is abusing me. don’t worry. it’s not even a guy that I’m talking about. I thought I should clear that up]]



1. Michael - May 7, 2009

so excellent. i can really feel your voice in this one, and it’s a testament to how much you’ve improved in the last year. good job!

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