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Undone June 19, 2009

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Pour me a cup
of nostalgia
right side up
for an upside down
kind of day
and hand me a
plate of memories
over easy
burnt to a crisp
but stone cold

An empty feeling,
more than a feeling,
keeps me dreaming
and reaching for
some kind of
to this lack of color
It’s all black and white
if you tilt your head
just right
Just hope and pray
that your head
doesn’t stay that way
Keep my eyes closed
hoping it makes the
world at large
that much easier
to stomach

This time last week
was a whole ‘nother

This time tomorrow
I won’t even be
at sea
I’m ready, I am
No mind tricks,
believe it or not
Gotta catch the sun
before the horizon
swallows it whole
The wind cries
and though no tears
have been shed
I feel completely



1. Michael - June 20, 2009

lol i see a trend… song titles? i dig it! ^_^

2. Nic - July 21, 2009


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