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thief August 14, 2009

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[written May28, 2009]

The box was marked
but that didn’t stop
you from
opening it
placing your hands
on a work of art
that’s been tucked
for reasons more
than cautionary
You don’t even
what you’re doing
gently but swiftly

Stealing oxygen
right out of
the tense atmosphere
I occupy
Like pulling a rug
from under my
already unstable feet
I don’t know what
I’m aiming for any
longer, but falling
is unavoidable at
this point

You’ve taken my
sense of direction
thought my heart
is racing to the
finish line
without faulter
You’ve snatched my
only vice, leaving
me with no defense
not even a hello
to hide how
terrified I am
That you’ll take



1. Michael - August 16, 2009

you’re sneaky. :)

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