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Pen Pals May 15, 2010

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It’s been awhile
hasn’t it?
Sitting in on my
watching me,
loving me
All the while
putting up with
a bad hostess.
Where are my
Please don’t think
I’ve been ignoring you
(you’re hard to
It just hadn’t
crossed my mind
to offer you a
cup a tea
(frivolous, I know)
or to strike up
a decent conversation
(why would the
weather interest
*you*? It’s merely
a brush stroke
in a work of

While, in the back
of my mind,
I’ve never thought you
I haven’t really
you lately
Perhaps I haven’t
been looking
A figure with no
At least,
none that we
can all
agree on

Pen pals
suddenly silenced
Tragic, really.
Except, you’ve definitely
been writing
You’re always
(Never knowing
the curse of
writer’s block.
All knowing, huh?)
I haven’t been polite enough
to take the time
to write back

I’m so sorry.
Oh, how silly
of me.
Apologizing like
you haven’t already
You’re always
one step ahead.
I guess that’s
how you got the

Pardon me,
I’m rambling.
We should do
this again
You’re such a
great listener
and I’m always
up for talking

I’ll be sure to keep in touch.

Tell Jesus hello for me,



1. Anonymous - June 6, 2010

I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing!

findingherforte - June 9, 2010

:) of course

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