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Comrade July 13, 2010

Posted by findingherforte in poetry.
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A gruesome shadow fell upon
their unsuspecting hearts
His cold and unforgiving glance
could tear them all apart

In every space he occupied
the light seemed dim and weak
fearful mortals came to see
the darkness at it’s peak

The shadow glided ‘cross the floor
as though weightless like the air
The room was still but vigilant
In hopes their lives, he’d spare

But mercy saved their souls that day
He was there for something more
It didn’t take him long to find
The creature he’d been searching for

The shadow ignored the stifled gasps
when he offered her a hand
he was merely there to rescue her,
his plans for her were grand

Though darkness consumed what met the eye
his heart was pure and good
And he knew, today, he’d finally found
the only soul who understood



1. Michael - July 13, 2010

although i can say that i don’t truly know *what* this about is about, i do know that i really like how it says it.

your ability to rhyme makes me green with envy. :)

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