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Aye, Troubled Waters December 2, 2010

Posted by findingherforte in poetry.
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There once was a man
who searched his whole life
for something to save him
from madness and strife.

Over tumbles and waves
he could not foresee
that desire would lead him
to an angry, cold sea

They thought him a fool,
a man of all heart,
a treasure so rare
he was doomed from the start

But he proved himself worthy
He’d found it and more
the treasure that most men
would give a life for

It twinkled in sunlight
just as he’d been told
and warmed him old heart
in the deepest of colds

He lived for it only,
so happy, he cried:
“Don’t leave me, my love
If you do I’ll just die”

He spelled his own fate
with his cries in the night
and he clung to his love
til the day that he died

So frightened he’d miss
his treasure, held near
that he’d spent his whole life
in nothing but fear



1. Michael - December 2, 2010

it’s very sad, but also beautiful :3

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