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Twist of Fate March 20, 2015

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He grabbed the necklace
around her neck
and pulled down and away
but the clasp was too strong
so she bent at the waist,
at the strength of it.

It dug into the skin around her neck
the chain of fate,
of burden, and
of power.
She smiled at her feet
and took this moment to
gather herself for his
next actions
his knuckles were white
as his grasp on the pendant

She gathered her will,
her faith,
and her courage
and it manifested.
In the palms of her hands,
glowing violet and pulsing

The pendant burned his hand
and he stumbled back.
The witch stood straight again.
Thankfully he had remembered to cast
his eyes away,
her spell broken and powerless
without the windows
to his soul


Onward! May 12, 2009

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I stopped reading
in between
the lines
What a joke to
look among
life’s hard pressed
When the scent of
burst through
the windows of
my open mind
the shutters
Coaxing shapely
and ambitious
A new generation
of ripples
taking shape
making waves
in otherwise concrete
Can’t dwell on
this emotion
in motion
too long before
it fades
like last night’s
star light
Can’t let my
dreams turn
white dwarf
before they get
to glimmer
like the twinkle
in your baby blues
A breeze reawakens
cotton ball fantasies
And the day
has scarcely been
embarked upon