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Drought March 4, 2015

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The well had gone dry
it was sudden
but I was not surprised
Not a drop left
no evidence of water
except memory

The ground surrounding it,
cracked and dry,
giving no sustenance to
the nature nearby
soon, all the flowers would wilt
and the dirt would turn to dust

Until, one day
it’s near impossible to believe
anything ever grew here

Every so often an attempt
is made to resurrect
what once was
to no avail
even things that once
encouraged and nourished
this land and filled
this well
have little to no effect

I’m just so angry.
Why has nothing grown?
Seeds and soil
gone to waste

And then rain,
rain out of nowhere
I didn’t even notice
the clouds
Will it be enough?

As the drops hit my
face, I realize

Yes. It’s a start.


Unorthodox March 11, 2009

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I like your style,
The way you walk
in those blue
tennis shoes
The way you
at the right kind
of jokes

Hats off to Junior
for his brave
at modesty
You need a drill
to find his
soft, squishy

Thumbs up to the
cool cat
laying back
Even without sunlight
to dazzle in
and no means to
get by
but a sharp wit
and a sly

Kudos to he who
make it
with his eyes tied
and his hands closed
Clean finger nails
on a dirty

Here’s to the
straight shooter
Captured my
in the dark
with a net
flick of the wrist
is all it took