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Until the End August 26, 2011

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Nothing makes sense until the end.

What may have seemed beautiful in
front of your eyes was
mere disguise to hide all
the lies that you won’t
see in time.

He sang of your beauty
so often it led you
to believe that the dread
in your stomach was all in your
head, but it had been months
since he meant the sweet words
that he lovingly said

A joke hypothetical would
some day be literal
but how could you know?
Your heart was collateral
but a temporary loss
for all you would gain
from walking down roads
hollow and cold and somehow it
ends in a light that is bold
and warm on your skin
the Yang to your Yin,
if I may

and not til this day
did things start to click
into place where you are
as if written with stars on a map of the sky
drawn before time
so keep mind over matter
but keep this in mind
it all won’t make sense
until you put it in line


Liquid Courage August 18, 2011

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Dearest Champagne lips
you dream of grandeur
of romantic times and romantic places
and are often disappointed
You are far from steady ground
and it crumbles beneath your feet with
every drink:
The foundation of beauty upon which
your worldly view lies,
The lens through which you capture rare
instances of radiance.

Although you are on the brink of destruction
your biggest fear is drowning in your own tears
and a broken heart,
the most treasured part, torn to pieces
and left on the floor, forgotten
There must be something in the air
that’s making you feel this way
The darkest places, although full of unknown,
may be hiding the greatest treasures
And when all else failed and the ground
started to crack
Love took your face in both of his hands
to protect you from the outside pitter patter
(threatening to pull you under)
A kiss told all of your secrets
and he loved you more still

For a heart in strong hands
has no worry of falling
no matter how uneven the footing

Stream of Thought July 21, 2011

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Hey Momma you’d be so proud
of me. I know it’s hard to
believe but my
creature fear has disappeared
for better or worse
a boy with a coin
and a dream in his heart-
love: from the start
of his hand holding mine
and a kiss that defines
what love truly is-
swept me off my
earth dwelling feet

Make a little room
for this build up
of hope
to smother your fears
I know it looks grim
but I’ll light the way
with a torch in each hand
to brighten the eyes

No wolves in the garden
hungry with greed
to swallow the seeds
of all our hard work
beneath all the dirt
is life, after all
above it is air
and a lone lily
stands, firmly and free

wake me gently
to leave my dreams
oblivious, unknowing
to my firm, reaching hand

Seeing Red April 8, 2011

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An absence of red
has left me feeling

plastic paradise
or soon to be
high glass walls
your world,
your aquatic cathedral
rocks and a
green tree in which
to sit.
I imagine those were
the times you
did the most thinking
whatever it was you
thought about

In the sun you
glittered like a
Christmas ornament
and, in the same respect,
brought such light
and life
to an otherwise
barren bookshelf.
I never knew something
so small
could make me so happy.
And yet so heartbroken
when absent.

I gave you more
credit than most
and I sacrificed a
reputation of sanity
to spare you a few words.
For a creature who
lived, ate, and
loved a plastic tree
(more than I thought possible)
I adored you as if
I had brought you into
this world myself,
plastic bag in hand.

And what’s in a name, anyway?
Mostly irony, in
your case.
Although red, an innocent
was lead
down to the last pebble
and like your name sake
you left us in spring
a time of pinks and yellows
but no red
just empty glass
and an unoccupied

RIP Mussolini, the red beta fish. May you find many plastic trees to keep you happy in the big fish bowl in the sky. I miss you.

When February 15, 2011

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Will we be the
in body and mind
when the sun lifts
its head
to prepare for the
grind of the
day to day
we fear the mortality
that we face on
those days
that are dismal
and grey
but you pull me
in close
and I can’t help
but smile
because it might be
awhile, but I know
you’ll be there
to breathe in the dark
and to catch all the
sparks that ignite
between palms
attacking in
your eyes are
my guide
to those places
of peace
I’m finally at
ease with
the now and the
then and
the possible “when”

Treasure Hunt September 2, 2010

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Hand to hand
now our futures are one
life lines and love lines
pleasantly tangled
a jaunty jigsaw
a warm squeeze
reminds the forgetful
of everything they possess

the gentle sound of you
living, breathing
in the cold, morning air
I want to remember how
your breath feels on my neck
and how your hand lies
still on my waist
a smile playfully appears
as awakening thoughts
float lethargically into your

Golden, boyish curls on a
sunburned neck
soft, evening kisses
where freckles would be
and my head fits just right
I could lay here til
some cosmic force
ends us all

if I had my way
I would.

Living Abstraction April 9, 2010

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Make a note:
every progression,
no matter how deceptive,
is here to stay
A science
of risk and
(careful not to
disturb what unstable
geniuses have previously
set in motion)
Formulas to make
the skin crawl
and the heart throb
combining the necessary
to create a masterpiece
or a monster
Hoping to scar the Earth

Make Her remember

every thrilling trill
Perk every ear
Til it makes a
Fiery melodies
armed with plagal
contrary to any
made before
Like a leading tone
there can only be

Musician turned
the dead, dormant
writer and dreamer

Dissect the Pieces
to better appreciate
the whole
This is no animal
vegetable or mineral
Unworldly and
most inviting
(like most sinful things)
warm and moving
Almost as if it’s

Collectively Individual February 25, 2010

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Looking up into
the past
as we sit in
the present
pondering about
the future
By the time
your light reaches me
I’ll have already
a mark on this
Insignificant planet
Scar tissue
to be admired
but forgotten
and when your
light shines down
on us
you’ll be long gone
too far to hear
the awestruck gasps
of your admirers
too late to realize
that your presence
left a twinkle in
the sky
in the eyes of

but more importantly
will they mourn for you?
like a snuffed out god
of some ancient
reaching our hands
toward the celestial sphere
to touch the heavens,
if only for a moment.

Dedicated to Crystal, who inspired this and helped title it :) Thanks dear!

Fossil Lady & Fisherman October 11, 2009

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Your voice in
my ear
but your body
fifty feet too far
There is
and little else
between us
making line crossing
real easy to
ease into

These impressive
burn into my
leaving me
at your feats and
long after this
unGodly hour
is over

Hand to heart
heart to hand
as if we
could possibly
cohere what’s already

Golden Hour September 21, 2009

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Once upon a
golden hour
underneath the
glassy towers
when burdens seemed
too much to shoulder
what patience had
was left to smolder

And there I sat
against a wall
afraid that I
had lost it all
You took my heart
in both your hands
and tried your best
to understand

The wind grew cold
but you stayed warm
protect my heart
from this icy storm
Let worries melt
in this golden hour
what remnants left
are forever ours