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Until the End August 26, 2011

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Nothing makes sense until the end.

What may have seemed beautiful in
front of your eyes was
mere disguise to hide all
the lies that you won’t
see in time.

He sang of your beauty
so often it led you
to believe that the dread
in your stomach was all in your
head, but it had been months
since he meant the sweet words
that he lovingly said

A joke hypothetical would
some day be literal
but how could you know?
Your heart was collateral
but a temporary loss
for all you would gain
from walking down roads
hollow and cold and somehow it
ends in a light that is bold
and warm on your skin
the Yang to your Yin,
if I may

and not til this day
did things start to click
into place where you are
as if written with stars on a map of the sky
drawn before time
so keep mind over matter
but keep this in mind
it all won’t make sense
until you put it in line


Comrade July 13, 2010

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A gruesome shadow fell upon
their unsuspecting hearts
His cold and unforgiving glance
could tear them all apart

In every space he occupied
the light seemed dim and weak
fearful mortals came to see
the darkness at it’s peak

The shadow glided ‘cross the floor
as though weightless like the air
The room was still but vigilant
In hopes their lives, he’d spare

But mercy saved their souls that day
He was there for something more
It didn’t take him long to find
The creature he’d been searching for

The shadow ignored the stifled gasps
when he offered her a hand
he was merely there to rescue her,
his plans for her were grand

Though darkness consumed what met the eye
his heart was pure and good
And he knew, today, he’d finally found
the only soul who understood

Be April 29, 2009

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Tense, inward
dislike the
you leave behind
Spit until my
mouth is
Blink until
I can’t help
but cry
in the face
of bright
dilating my
to these sensations
that used to
free me
be me
Go ahead
and leave me
Don’t tell me
that you
need me
to be there
When the world
gets cold
Your excuses
grow old
leaving dust
in my ear
we’ve got
to fear
As we draw
our last breath
sketch it
into concrete
Big thoughts
will get you
no where
Action’s what
it takes
forget about
the stakes
If you mean it
see it
Don’t believe
just be it

Yellow March 3, 2009

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mellow fellow
for forgotten feelings
finding shapes
upon my ceiling
hard to swallow
try not to wallow
in self pity
or think about
the nity gritty
Soft to the touch
but painful to feel
can’t find the fine line
between dreaming and real
My heart’s not a toy
for your amusement
letting go
of my resentment
Old news, I know
let this hope grow
and wrap its vines tight
I struggle to fight
the wandering mind
Afraid that I’ll find
reason to hold onto
what I have left of you
 is just a teddy bear

[[another oldie. enjoy]]