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Andromeda May 7, 2016

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My gilded warrior.
Your armor was forged
By starlight
Your aura undefinable
By mortal eyes.
There were no others like you
And there never will be again.

You took an oath.
You pledged your heart
And body to my cause
I trusted and loved you
More than I can describe

In an otherwise ordinary moment
You had an opportunity to
Prove your loyalty
And you did
And without hesitation

I can still hear the ringing dissonance of battle
And the awful, heart stopping
Of your shield taking its final blow,
Your starlight scattering, falling
To the ground to be snuffed out.
Your armor stood between me
And what could have been my end

We both knew that someday it
Might come to this
But we pushed those thoughts away.
Optimistic fools.

When the stardust settled,
And I picked myself up,
Your broken body remained still.
I curse myself for ever accepting your oath
And putting you in harm’s way
But I know in my heart
This is what you would have wanted.

A warrior’s death.


Collectively Individual February 25, 2010

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Looking up into
the past
as we sit in
the present
pondering about
the future
By the time
your light reaches me
I’ll have already
a mark on this
Insignificant planet
Scar tissue
to be admired
but forgotten
and when your
light shines down
on us
you’ll be long gone
too far to hear
the awestruck gasps
of your admirers
too late to realize
that your presence
left a twinkle in
the sky
in the eyes of

but more importantly
will they mourn for you?
like a snuffed out god
of some ancient
reaching our hands
toward the celestial sphere
to touch the heavens,
if only for a moment.

Dedicated to Crystal, who inspired this and helped title it :) Thanks dear!