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Andromeda May 7, 2016

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My gilded warrior.
Your armor was forged
By starlight
Your aura undefinable
By mortal eyes.
There were no others like you
And there never will be again.

You took an oath.
You pledged your heart
And body to my cause
I trusted and loved you
More than I can describe

In an otherwise ordinary moment
You had an opportunity to
Prove your loyalty
And you did
And without hesitation

I can still hear the ringing dissonance of battle
And the awful, heart stopping
Of your shield taking its final blow,
Your starlight scattering, falling
To the ground to be snuffed out.
Your armor stood between me
And what could have been my end

We both knew that someday it
Might come to this
But we pushed those thoughts away.
Optimistic fools.

When the stardust settled,
And I picked myself up,
Your broken body remained still.
I curse myself for ever accepting your oath
And putting you in harm’s way
But I know in my heart
This is what you would have wanted.

A warrior’s death.


Liquid Courage August 18, 2011

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Dearest Champagne lips
you dream of grandeur
of romantic times and romantic places
and are often disappointed
You are far from steady ground
and it crumbles beneath your feet with
every drink:
The foundation of beauty upon which
your worldly view lies,
The lens through which you capture rare
instances of radiance.

Although you are on the brink of destruction
your biggest fear is drowning in your own tears
and a broken heart,
the most treasured part, torn to pieces
and left on the floor, forgotten
There must be something in the air
that’s making you feel this way
The darkest places, although full of unknown,
may be hiding the greatest treasures
And when all else failed and the ground
started to crack
Love took your face in both of his hands
to protect you from the outside pitter patter
(threatening to pull you under)
A kiss told all of your secrets
and he loved you more still

For a heart in strong hands
has no worry of falling
no matter how uneven the footing

Atlas Shrugged February 26, 2011

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Embers left
from fires golden
tracing steps that
crack and smolder

Ear to ear
your eyes are lost
a smile’s warmth
to melt the frost

Look ahead with
autumn trembles
look behind just
to remember

High heights climbed
and falling rocks
the search for keys
for fancy locks

Passion’s flame
to light the dark
long nights in
to find the spark

Regal heart
choose your fate
it’s yours to have,
and yours to take

Atlas shrugged
his mighty burden
think of this
in times uncertain


untitled October 15, 2010

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because not despite
how I tremble with fright!
when I don’t hear your heart
going bump in the night

where you lay is left cold
growing dusty and old
there’s a silence where secrets
are most often told

I’ll pretend for awhile
that I still feel your smile
even though we’re parted
by more than a mile

but someday the distance
will be more reminiscent
and the lovers will find
it was worth the persistence

Removing the Blindfold November 18, 2009

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What a dangerous
that could blind
an immortal
or with
a twinkle
ignite a
hot flame

It could
any armor
I know
nothing stronger
a force that
puts gravity
to shame

They pulled me
in once
And it’s
I remain
But I do
not fear
such a trance

They conjure such
gentle but
in darkness
they made everything

Golden Hour September 21, 2009

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Once upon a
golden hour
underneath the
glassy towers
when burdens seemed
too much to shoulder
what patience had
was left to smolder

And there I sat
against a wall
afraid that I
had lost it all
You took my heart
in both your hands
and tried your best
to understand

The wind grew cold
but you stayed warm
protect my heart
from this icy storm
Let worries melt
in this golden hour
what remnants left
are forever ours

Undone June 19, 2009

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Pour me a cup
of nostalgia
right side up
for an upside down
kind of day
and hand me a
plate of memories
over easy
burnt to a crisp
but stone cold

An empty feeling,
more than a feeling,
keeps me dreaming
and reaching for
some kind of
to this lack of color
It’s all black and white
if you tilt your head
just right
Just hope and pray
that your head
doesn’t stay that way
Keep my eyes closed
hoping it makes the
world at large
that much easier
to stomach

This time last week
was a whole ‘nother

This time tomorrow
I won’t even be
at sea
I’m ready, I am
No mind tricks,
believe it or not
Gotta catch the sun
before the horizon
swallows it whole
The wind cries
and though no tears
have been shed
I feel completely

Prescription February 26, 2009

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Hook up the x ray
You’ll find nothing there
Tell me you’re worried
I don’t know if I’d care

Diagnose me with apathy
Two pills a day
Fill me with hope
That won’t go away

Strap me down tight
And see what is wrong
Test my stability
And see if I’m strong

Fill up my holes
With logic and glue
I’m sure you can find them
There’s more than a few

Cut me up pretty
And take out the hate
I don’t feel like fighting
Screw your debate

Run your experiments
To see how I tick
I’m numb to you now
But you still make me sick

[[this one is also an oldie. Remember to check out my other ones too]]