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Apple Tree January 24, 2013

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On my best days
I still think about it
that place that exists only in my mind,
as far as I know.
I close my eyes and
I can feel the gentle breeze
and the grass tickle my ankles
There we have a house,
small but more than enough
We’re rarely inside anyways

We have a bed
and a tea kettle
and one apple tree that
sits outside our window
and taps the glass on stormy nights

We often look toward the horizon
where grass meets sky
and feel nothing but peace

The only reminder of the
world beyond our little house
is the occasional piece of mail
that finds its way to our mailbox
shaped like a bird house

I feel your hand reach for mine
and I smile because
nothing could make this any better

When I open my eyes
real life is blinding and out of focus
but if I squint just right
I can see our one
apple tree




Prophecy: Emerald City October 23, 2011

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When winds are agreeable
and the sky is clear
they will reunite in
the Emerald City
where, months before, nothing
could touch them;
our fiery star turned
their city into a gem
among rocks
and everyday was a dream
they never wanted to
wake up from
Alas, two lovers must part
but not for long

One sails north to find
better things
for his scholarly mind
to attend to
(while his heart lingers on her)
And if his search is fruitless
he will wait for things
to find him
If nothing else
he is patient
And when he grows thirsty
(as he often does)
he will think of nothing
but her voice,
like water,
whispering his favorite words

The other flies south
for the colors
and song birds
Flies south for her
own intellectual prospects,
expensive but promising;
when the days seem long
she will take it as a challenge
and fill the hours with music,
(sad but beautiful)
And when the sun no
longer warms her
feathers, she will long
for her northern star
more than ever

Golden Delicious March 8, 2011

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Our love is
Yellow, baby.
Not red
or pink
or green.
The kind of yellow
that strikes
the senses
That you can’t
take your eyes
off of
Because it’s so
That blossoms and
forth through the
greyest of days
and continues
to shine
even when no one is
Bold and unwavering
Admired and
bright and
Warm on the
skin. Golden,
if you will.
Delicious and fragrant
Can’t get enough of

Removing the Blindfold November 18, 2009

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What a dangerous
that could blind
an immortal
or with
a twinkle
ignite a
hot flame

It could
any armor
I know
nothing stronger
a force that
puts gravity
to shame

They pulled me
in once
And it’s
I remain
But I do
not fear
such a trance

They conjure such
gentle but
in darkness
they made everything

A Quatre Mains August 14, 2009

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[written July 14, 2009]

Dryer sheets
and sunshine
never thought
you’d be mine
to pull in close
who missed who
the most?
stand back folks
and don’t look him
in the eye
you’ll never wanna say
goodbye to
the man with
more charm in
two hands,
two magical hands,
than most possess
in full
breaking the
without mercy
fingertip to collarbone
no denying,
the hunger

And it hasn’t quite
hit me yet,
though I have
fallen face first,
the magnitude of
fate shifting
shaking and quaking
in my favor
savor this once
in a lifetime chance
the taste of
sweet nothings
gracing this
noteworthy moment, so
me in

With you
even the highway
sounds like music
and the light
ever so lightly
on your eyelashes
as you gaze back
in time
I’m afraid to blink
terrified of what
might pass in
a heartbeat
a single, eager

Onward! May 12, 2009

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I stopped reading
in between
the lines
What a joke to
look among
life’s hard pressed
When the scent of
burst through
the windows of
my open mind
the shutters
Coaxing shapely
and ambitious
A new generation
of ripples
taking shape
making waves
in otherwise concrete
Can’t dwell on
this emotion
in motion
too long before
it fades
like last night’s
star light
Can’t let my
dreams turn
white dwarf
before they get
to glimmer
like the twinkle
in your baby blues
A breeze reawakens
cotton ball fantasies
And the day
has scarcely been
embarked upon