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Who Am I?


There are several things you have to understand about me before I practically plaster my heart and soul onto paper. This might take awhile because I’m a very odd person and I thoroughly enjoy talking about myself.

I never used to be a fan of constants. Things that didn’t change bugged the hell out of me. I needed a change of scenery every once in awhile or I would go crazy. This was easy because my father was in the military for twenty years and we moved often enough to satisfy my dislike for anything that stayed the same.

The last couple of years, however, I’ve come to see the beauty of things that never change. For the first time in my life I have friends that I’ve known for longer than three years. It’s a concept that I’m still not used to. I feel vulnerable having people who know as much about me as they do. I’m beginning to cling to things, hoping they never change because I like them just the way they were, or looking back and wishing certain things hadn’t changed. But really only to a certain extent will I really ever settle. As a writer and a musician I feel many ebbs and flows and, therefore, am forever changing. I embrace the constant of change. I found a balance in myself, in this way.

Another major thing you must know about me is that I live and breathe music. It consumes me, inside out. It’s the only thing I’ve come across in life that clicked, the only thing I’m good at and have patience enough to put effort into. I didn’t stumble upon it, like most people stumble upon their passions. I’ve stumbled upon many a thing, but music was something I gracefully bumped into. I’m not sure when I realized I had committed myself to music. When I walked into orchestra class my first day of middle school or maybe in the fourth grade when composing seem to be second nature (granted, the assignment was to simply create a song with three others and a plethora of percussion instruments. The point is my music instructor thought I was a natural). It doesn’t matter when it happened; I just know that music is my passion.

Lastly, I am a writer. More than that, I am a creator. I always have been. Words haven’t always been my building blocks; I’ve dabbled in many art forms out of curiosity or boredom. It just always came back to writing. Story telling is the one thing I have that allows me to temporarily escape for as long as I want without hurting anyone (myself included). Stories help the readers escape, too. And if I can offer a sanctuary to one reader in my life, I’ll consider it a success. We become immortal with our stories, through characters and lessons learned. And maybe some part of me wishes that to be so, to be forever immortalized on the pages of a well-loved paper back. A dream that I hope will be a reality one day.
Til then there is poetry.

So there’s my introduction. I’m going to dive into this. Which is purely metaphorical; I cannot swim.



1. Papa - March 14, 2009

We await with great anticipation your next gift for our eyes. Please do not keep us waiting long for we may get tired and have to sleep.

2. selonnerias - July 12, 2012

Maybe it’s because english is my second language but if you had not mentioned that you were an 18 year old highschool student when you wrote this I would not have known

findingherforte - July 14, 2012

Wow I really need to update my About Me. I’m actually 21 now :) I did write that when I was 18 though. And thanks! I take pride in my words

selonnerias - July 17, 2012

From the comment your father made I did deduce that you are either 22 or 21 now (just so you know I didn’t think you are 18 right now)

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